Fiasco on a hill.


Last year I organised a Fiasco picnic in Regents Park. About thirty people came along. We played a lot of Fiasco, enjoyed food and drink, met old friends, made new friends, got sunstroke, and went to the pub. It was magnificent.

This year, on Sunday July 7th we are doing something similar, but slightly different… on a hill. This time, the event is being organised in conjunction with the lovely people from Wood Green’s Big Green Bookshop. Simon from the bookshop will have some ‘book people’ with him. We will meet and eat at 12:00 pm, with the aim of getting games up and running by 1:00 pm. I will bring most of the stuff we need to play, but if you can bring any stuff of your own, that would be good. Definitely bring your own picnic, and maybe stuff to share. There is a restaurant/bar attached to the palace if you forget. Bring things that will protect you against both extreme heat, and extreme cold. If the weather is miserable, then we will go to a nearby bar and play there. Maybe bring binoculars, or a kite, if you have them? If you want to attend, just to eat, learn how to play, or watch the games, that’s fine.

I’m intending to run another event later this year, one that focuses on story games as a creative spark. I’ll post details about it once I’ve actually got a plan. In the mean time, if any of you would like to use a Fiasco set up as the spark for a brief/intense bit of writing on the day, I’d be up for it.  Perhaps we could set up,  write stuff for an hour or so, then reconvene to enjoy the strange fruits of our labors. We could write absolutely anything; a heist poem, a plot outline recounted by a forgetful ghost, snapshots from a well respected maniac, or maybe the grim unraveling of all things from the point of view of an old battered suitcase. The set up will be a thing to jump off of.

The Facebook event is here.

If you have any questions, or thoughts, you can find me at Leisure Games, and on twitter.

You can find Simon at the Big Green Bookshop, and on twitter.

You can check out Bully Pulpits site to find out about more Fiasco, and watch it being played in this episode of Tabletop.

You can even learn all about picnics, maybe.

(I borrowed that image from Bully Pulpit, and modified it. Hopefully I will not be rendered to the USA for copyright infringement).



(…and I borrowed that map from the Aly Pally site, and modified it. Hopefully I will not be thrown to the mallards).


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