Literally Hacking Games, with Joe McDaldno! (+ Sean)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013
18:00 until 22:00
Leisure Games 100 Ballards Lane, N3 2DN London, United Kingdom


Here’s a tentative pitch from Joe:

“We think about games as more than just a collection of ideas and rules – they are artifacts, tangible vehicles, physical things. Ideas might start in the aether, but games are their arrival in the real world. But when we hack games, we often forget about that physicality. And so Literally Hacking Games is an opportunity to turn the process of hacking games upside down. Wielding photocopiers, scissors, tape, glue, pens, and some of our favourite and most despised game texts, we’ll hack games together. Join weirdo hosts Sean Buckley and Joe Mcdaldno on Tuesday October 15th, from 6pm-10pm, at Leisure Games. Bringing any crafting or zine supplies that you’re willing to share – we could use more. Bring some game texts – we’ll use the photocopier so that they don’t get destroyed”.

So, yeah. What Joe said. Also, think about images. Find some. Bring them. Do things to them. There is a reasonable chance that I will be kicking off with a critical hit table for a dog, and a free newspaper. I’ll probably end up with some kind of game poem about sadness.

It’s also going to be a fairly laid back social kinda thing. So, don’t get paralyzed by terror at the thought of making things. And, don’t worry if you cant get there for 6pm. Later is good too. Bringing food and drink will not be frowned upon either.

James Graham might be able to run some of Joes games during the afternoon, if anyone would like to take part in that?