Literally Hacking Fiasco.


Monday, 28 July 2014
18:00 until 22:00
Leisure Games 100 Ballards Lane, N3 2DN London, United Kingdom

Location: Big Fancy Metropolis: A games shop.

Needs: To dismantle: And reassemble all things Fiasco in new and unexpected ways

Relationship: Humans: It’s complicated.

Objects: Shared: Crafting materials.

Join Sean Buckley, Simon Brake, and a random sprinkling of story gamers, as we dive into Fiasco, armed with scissors, glue, and irreverence. Mash-up some playsets. Vandalise the rules. Shift the Tilt to a curious angle. Imagine a happy ever Aftermath. Then test out your hand crafted curiosities at this year’s Fiasco Picnic on Sunday August 3rd.



Author: theleisuregames

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