Fiasco Game Kits!

I have 10 of these kits with which to enhance your enjoyment of the picnic:)


Fiasco picnic update.

Here’s a map showing where to meet. I stole it from Google. Google don’t pay as much tax as they should, so this seems fair to me. I’ll be there by 11am. The idea is for everyone to be there by midday. We will be playing in the area by the meeting point. There is plenty of room for us to spread out and avoid being viewed as an infringement on the enjoyment of other park users. We need to get organised into groups as soon as possible. You don’t have to stay with the same group all day. You can either assemble into groups of 4, and I’ll do my best to distribute the experienced players amongst you, or maybe we can line up and the facilitators can take turns pick players… the way we used to pick football teams at school. I will have enough nice stuff for 10 games with 4 players in each, although if more people show up, I’ll have enough printouts and index cards etc for them too. Several of us will be wandering facilitators for the first game. Please try to behave well in the park. Don’t get wasted, or shout obscenities. Be considerate to the other park users.  Bring your lunch. Did I miss anything? Does anyone have any questions?


Fiasco Picnic!


On Saturday 18th August, while the wealthy elite of the gaming community are sipping champagne  in far off places, a rageddy assortment of mortals will gather among the leaves in London’s beautiful Regents Park, to socialise, eat, drink, and make up absurd stories together. It will probably rain. It will be awesome.

If you have never played Fiasco and would like to try it, then come along as there will plenty of people available to introduce you to the game. If you are a veteran player, then come along and teach a rookie. If you just want to hang out and observe while we make fools of ourselves, that’s fine too.

The park people have advised us that as long as we abide by the park regulations, and avoid spoiling the enjoyment of the park for others, then it’s unlikely that we will be ejected or shot at.

I expect to be at the park by 11:00am.  I will bring whiteboards (to replace index cards), pens, pencils, paper, a lot of dice, a few copies of the rules, and the Stasis Gun, which I promise not to fire. I’ll let you know where to meet closer to the day.

You should bring your lunch, something to protect you from the rain, your friends, any copies of Fiasco that you might own, and if possible some playsets that you like the look of. You can download them for free from Bully Pulpit and print them out. Fold or staple them so that we don’t spend the afternoon chasing sheets of paper around the park.

If it rains a lot, then we can go to the pub. The College Arms is about a 10 minute walk from the park, and they will be happy to accommodate us in the evening, and during the day if the weather is dreadful (that link only works for 2-3 seconds per day).

Let me know via facebook, twitter, or email if you plan to attend, and if you would be happy to facilitate a game or bring along any stuff.

You can sign up to the Facebook event here .

To find out more about Fiasco then visit Bully Pulpit, or drop in to Leisure Games, where I will be happy to run you through it 🙂