Free RPG Day at Leisure Games

Saturday 18 June is the 10th annual Free RPG Day and, as usual, Leisure Games is hosting a day of roleplaying – as well as giving away an assortment of free dice, modules and quickstarts.

If you want to come along and play your own games, feel free (subject to space, of course!). We will also be hosting a number of games throughout the day. We’ll have two tables of Pathfinder running, alongside two hour Microscope taster sessions. In addition, Stianin Jackson, author of Heroes of the Hearth, part of Pelgrane Press’s Seven Wonders anthology of games, will be around to demonstrate the game.

So come along for a day of games and fun. And did we mention the free stuff?


Free RPG Day 2013


Saturday June 15th  9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Leisure Games
100 Ballards Lane
London N3 2DN

020 8346 2327

This year’s Free RPG Day will be the best yet. We have an absolutely fantastic array of stuff on offer, from some of the UK’s most awesome folk.

There will as ever, be free stuff that we have bought, to give away to you. Anyone who turns up on the day can ask for a free thing. There will also be free things that the shop has donated, free stuff that kind thoughtful individuals have donated, and even some free things that I have donated. These extra free things will be available in addition to the official free things. A cool thing you could do, if you really want to get into the whole ‘free thing’ thing, is have a look at your own shelves, grab a few things that you’ll probably never find time to play, then bring them along and give them away for free.

Hopefully, when you have finished getting free things, and giving away free things, you’ll be keen to stick around and play something. You don’t have to book a place to get a game. There will be ‘on demand’ games, and short demo sessions available. So, you can just turn up, and you will get a game, of something. If you want to play a specific game, particularly one that has allocated time slots, then get in touch, and book your place. If you book a place, but are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as you can, so that somebody else can take your place.

Here are the games that you could take part in:

Indie Games on Demand

Richard Williams and the London Indie RPG Meetup Group

The Quiet Year A big game of The Quiet Year will be happening throughout the day. It’ll be up on the walls! Drop in, add stuff, drop out. Come back later and see how the year is progressing.

Games on Demand: Dungeon World, Fiasco, and Monsterhearts, will all be available on demand, if we have space and GMs.

There will also be free printed copies of the following:

Charted Areas, sample maps drawn in collaboration with Joe McDaldno, for The Quiet Year
A  Dungeon World dungeon written by Jason Morningstar
Saturday Night ’78 a cool Fiasco playset by Will Hindmarch, Wil Wheaton and Jason Morningstar
The Selkie, a revised Monsterhearts skin by Jackson Tegu.


Ed Croft

Ed will be running sessions his game movie making game Screenplay, and have a few free physical copies to give away.

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Gary Yam

This years contribution to from FFG is a Star Wars adventure.

There will be  one session, beginning at 9:30 am. The adventure can accommodate four players (only one space left at 11:46am 11/06/2013).

Mutant Chronicles

Chris Birch of Modiphius Entertainment

There will be two short playtests of the upcoming Mutant Chronicles RPG. The sessions should last around 90 minutes each. The first will be at 11:00am, the second at 1:00pm.

Dr Who: Adventures in Space and Time

Dave Elrick

An introduction to Cubicle 7’s Dr Who: Adventures in Space and Time RPG. No booking required as sessions will be available on demand, and will run for under an hour.

Trail of Cthulhu / Night’s Black Agents /
The Esoterrorists

Cat Tobin of Pelgrane Press

Either, Trail of Cthulhu for 3-6 players, from 1:00 pm, or a series twenty minute demos of Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents, and Esoterrorists, on demand throughout the afternoon. Depending upon the demand for a full Trail of Cthulhu game.


Andrew Hicks, and The London DnD Gamers Group

There will be two sessions of We be Goblins Too! The first  will begin shortly after 9.00 am, and the second from 1.30 pm.

The sessions will be an introduction to the Pathfinder game, and everyone will play Goblins!

All that, in one day, and it’s not going to cost you a thing (if you walk here and skip lunch). Hopefully we’ll see you on the day. Get in touch if you have any questions.

The Facebook event for it is here.

There will be complimentary snacks and drinks*

*Bonus Game Poem: There Will be Complimentary Snacks and drinks.

In this short game poem, players take on the roles of ancient beings who have walked the Earth for thousands of years, driven half mad by intense hunger and thirst, from which they can only find temporary relief if food and drink are offered to them freely. They are drawn to food and drink like moths to warm glow of electric lights. Players ‘don’t lose’ by managing to obtain food or drink without asking for it or taking it. It must be given freely.